Episode length: 35 min 42 sec

Learn about:

  • Defining artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of decision making
  • Data processing and portfolio rebalancing through AI
  • How AI affects investing and portfolio management
  • The relationship between AI and cybersecurity
  • Predictions on self-driving cars in Canada
  • The role of data, aggregate data, and data privacy in AI
  • Data privacy, data ownership, and data trust
  • Montreal as a major hub of AI and deep learning research and development
  • What to watch out for in AI development – causality and neural networks

Keynote Speaker: Nicolas Chapados

Nicolas Chapados

Nicolas is the co-founder and CSO of Element AI, one of the largest artificial intelligence companies in the world. He also co-founded Imagia Cybernetics, an applied research lab in AI that has the capability to detect and quantify cancer in the early stages through AI analysis of medical images. He holds an engineering degree from McGill University and a PhD in computer science from the University of Montreal. Nicolas also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

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