Episode length: 33 min 48 sec

Learn about:

  • Growing systemic challenges in cybersecurity
  • How the public sector can protect itself from cybercrime
  • the NSA and its role in the recent Baltimore ransomware attack
  • Opinions on Baltimore’s decision not to pay their cyber attackers
  • CEOs recognizing cybersecurity as a major business risk
  • Cybersecurity demand and spend
  • Government concerns about cyber threats
  • Advice on how to protect yourself from cyber attacks

Keynote Speaker: Matthew Rosenquist

Matthew Rosenquist

Matthew is a former cybersecurity strategist of Intel Corporation. With about 30 years in the security field, he has operational, strategic, analytical, organizational and leadership experience in the industry. He advises and collaborates with top academia, boards, executives, government, industry groups, tech companies, consumer audiences, and the media on the risks and relevance of cybersecurity issues, best practices and identifying emerging risks and opportunities.

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