Episode length: 29 min 51 sec

As the number of connected devices grows, the opportunity for cybercrime rises as well.
Learn about:

  • The importance of cyber security measures for low-risk devices (i.e. Nest thermostats, Fitbits) which can be the gateway for hackers to other systems
  • How companies can protect themselves from internal risks vs. external forces
  • The federal government’s cyber security initiatives including mandatory data-breach reporting rules in effect November 1st 2018
  • Average budget allocations to cyber security for large organizations, including banks, the increase of spending on detection instead of just protection

Keynote Speaker: David SenfDavid Senf

David Senf is an IT research and advisory thought leader and executive with a particular focus on cybersecurity. He has spent close to two decades analyzing and delivering vendor, provider, channel and end-user success. He examines security within the larger context of technology adoption from containers to cloud and from DevOps to devices. He founded Cyverity to promote cybersecurity risk awareness, solutions selection, and operations benchmarks and best practices.

Previously he was a VP at IDC where he worked with and presented to countless organizations – and much of the IT vendor community. He enjoys hundreds of press appearances in a variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail, CBC, The Star, Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

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