Episode length: 24 min 57 sec

Learn about:

  • Why cannabis-infused beverages are at the forefront of the “cannabis format war”
  • Barriers to entry into the market
  • Views on how the industry will grow
  • How big the cannabis-infused beverages market is expected to be in Canada
  • Recreational marijuana legalization predictions for other countries
  • The importance of brand recognition to gain market share

Keynote Speaker: Dooma WendschuhDooma Wendschuh

Dooma Wendschuh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Province Brands, a highly disruptive, Toronto-based startup in Canada’s legal cannabis industry. Province Brands’ products promise a better class of psychoactive – the first true alternative to alcohol. With 30+ speaking engagements, 20+ national television appearances and hundreds of media interviews, Wendschuh has emerged as a leading voice in the burgeoning cannabis industry. He is an advocate for a new paradigm where top quality cannabinoid-derived products serve as a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and prescribed and illegal psychoactives.

Prior to founding Province Brands, Wendschuh was the Co-Founder of a successful Colorado-based cannabinoid research and consumer products company. Before entering the cannabis industry, he was Co-Founder and Co-CEO of sekretagent Productions Inc., a film and video game production company and advertising agency best known for its video game work on the ASSASSIN’S CREED franchise, BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS and the PRINCE OF PERSIA franchise. Collectively, sekretagent Productions’ games have grossed more than $5 billion worldwide. Under Wendschuh’s leadership, sekretagent Productions also sold eight motion pictures and one television series to major studios, produced THE PLAGUE for Sony Screengems and produced award-winning work for the Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, Polaroid, Diamond Resorts International, Mentos Mints and Microsoft co-founder Paul among others.

Wendschuh graduated magna cum-laude from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and received his Masters from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema / Television Peter Stark Producing Program.

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