Episode length: 25 min 27 sec


Learn about:

  • What artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing is
  • The development of AI from machine learning and taking into account reasoning, planning, and scheduling
  • How infusing intelligent automation and deeper meaningful engagement with customers can transform businesses
  • Benefits of deploying chatbots to assist customer service agents
  • Importance of data in an increasingly connected world
  • Recommended data safety measures
  • Self-driving vehicle technology progress
  • What being an IBM Fellow means to her as a female
  • A.I. predictions

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Chitra DoraiDr. Chitra Dorai headshot

Dr. Dorai is a Computer Scientist, Data Science and AI Expert, Innovation Advisor, and Entrepreneur. She was formerly at IBM as an IBM Fellow & CTO.

She has 25+ years of R&D experience and extensive portfolio of innovations with research contributions in Computer Science: Cognitive Computing — Computer Vision, Industry Analytics, Multimedia Systems, Machine Learning, Stream Processing, and Cloud Computing. She was recognized as an IBM Fellow in 2015, IBM Distinguished Engineer in 2012; received Gerstner Award for Client Excellence, IBM’s Highest Honor in 2011; recognized as IBM Master Inventor in 2011, 2014, 2017, and written 100+ publications in premier books, archival journals & international academic conferences.

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