Episode length: 24 min 11 sec

Learn about:

  • Views on the recent Capital One data breach
  • Canadian law on data breaches
  • Global spending in the cybersecurity industry
  • What CEOs are most concerned about regarding cybersecurity
  • Outsourcing of cybersecurity services
  • What banks are doing to protect themselves from security breaches
  • The biggest shift in the types of cyber attacks
  • Sectors that may need to increase cybersecurity spending and efforts
  • How ransom requests are being dealt with
  • The importance of industrial cybersecurity
  • Top predictions for the cybersecurity industry

Keynote Speaker: Stew Wolfe CISSP, CISM, CISA, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), Canadian Cybersecurity Practice Lead | Canada | Americas

Stew Wolfe

Stew Wolfe leads the NTT Canadian Cybersecurity practice, as well as the America’s pre-sales security Industrial and Internet of Everything go to market strategy. He has over 26 years in the IT field of which 20 were spent in security, including positions at IBM and Cisco. Mr. Wolfe has focused in various areas within the security field including ethical hacking, executive advisory consulting as well as industrial and healthcare security.

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