Technology is advancing, it’s no secret. With all of the change that is happening, it’s important for consumers to stay on top of what innovations may be on the horizon. This year specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to hold many impressive changes that both businesses and consumers will be able to take advantage of.

2019 appears to be the year where we get our robot servants’ names mixed up and electric cars seem to be the way to go when purchasing a new vehicle. Among all of the technological advancements that are impacting our day-to-day lives, artificial intelligence is one to pay attention to. Since innovation is moving at a very fast pace, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 AI trends that will affect individuals in 2019.

New and Improved Chatbots

You may have already noticed how popular chatbots are becoming. Whether you’re starting a chat on a webpage for additional information or support, they seem to be popping up everywhere. One example is how Sephora, the personal care and beauty store, launched a chatbot in 2016 to help users find the right products while boosting their user-experience.

Source: Forbes

While many chatbots have limitations, they are expected to grow in intelligence through machine learning. No longer will they only be able to answer generic questions relating to store hours, but they will be able to be much more helpful and reliable.

AI Recognizing and Explaining Images

In addition to AI being used to enhance user experience, as mentioned above, it’s also being used to provide information to users. Specifically, artificial intelligence is allowing users to gather information by simply uploading an image to a program. One example of this is Google Lens that was designed by Google. Google Lens is an image recognition technology that provides more information and data about a detected object.

As this technology continues to improve throughout 2019, the uses are endless. As seen below, photo recognition can allow us to learn about the world around us. In fact, it has even been used to recognize ailments, which we’ll discuss later.

Source: Digital Trends

Misinformation Identification

As technology improves, so does the ability to create false information. Not only is this because so many individuals have the means to spread information and media, but changing technology can even make the information that is published appear factual, regardless of if it is. One example of this is how Buzzfeed worked with Jordan Peele to create a PSA on misinformation. Displaying how individuals can use enhanced imagery of Obama to make it look like he is speaking.

ABC News Exclusive

Source: Good Morning America, YouTube

However, technological advancements in regards to AI can help detect misinformation too. Specifically, how artificial intelligence can help prevent ‘fake news’ from circulating. This is possible as AI programs are created and designed to detect patterns of spam, malware, inappropriate or false content. Major companies such as Facebook are employing practices similar to this to help regain user trust.

Innovative Health Initiatives 

As we mentioned, AI is getting smarter about your health. With advancing technologies, doctors have been able to take advantage of AI as a way to better help their patients in a timelier manner.  This is through algorithms and data being programmed to detect, identify, and even diagnose various ailments. One example is how artificial intelligence is already used to recognize early eye disease in diabetic patients. When image-processing algorithms are programmed and perfected, the possibilities are endless.

AI-Enabled Chips

AI depends on specialized processors. As a result, developers are now coming out with specialized chips designed to run AI systems. Among a number of uses, the chips will be used to complete processes such as language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition. In fact, Qualcomm has announced that they are launching a new line of chip-based AI solutions for smart speakers and audio applications.

Artificial Intelligence Trends are Impacting Day to Day Lives

It’s not surprising to hear how artificial intelligence is continuing to impact consumers every day. Whether it’s teaching users about the world around them or making processes simpler and faster, AI technology will continue to excel in the near future.

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