Episode length: 28 min 19 sec

Learn about:

  • The levels of automation for autonomous cars
  • The importance of safety regulations in the adoption of autonomous technology
  • The behavioural shift to autonomous driving from traditional petrol cars
  • The significance of technology vs. legislation for the adoption of autonomous vehicles
  • Predictions for 2020 as an important year as level 5 autonomous vehicles will be available for public consumption
  • Which companies are making the most progress towards electric/autonomous vehicles
  • Electric vehicle market drivers

Keynote Speaker: Marc Hoag Marc Hoag headshot

Marc Hoag is Head of Product at Twibble and Founder, Producer, Host of Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag.

Marc is a California-licensed attorney-turned-2x-startup founder with nearly eight years of experience as head of product. He has an undergraduate degree in economics from UCLA along with a comprehensive coursework in engineering track math and physics, and pre-med chemistry and biology. Shortly after law school, he successfully raised a Series A to build his first startup in the job/talent space, from which he spun out an internal tool that became Twibble.io, a social media scheduling and automation platform.

He’s a 3x Top Writer on Quora and publishes frequently on Medium about his passions including tech and startups; film; aviation; and of course, automotive, the latter of which lead him to launch his podcast Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag, the world’s only twice-weekly podcast dedicated entirely to autonomous cars. Marc believes the advent of autonomous cars will bring about the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution.

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