Investing in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is flush with cash on balance sheets and the sector performs well in a recessionary environment. In fact, the healthcare sector has outperformed the S&P 500 in the previous three recessions, proving it to be a relatively reliable area for investors looking to take defensive action.

Evolve Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield Fund (TSX: LIFE) invests in 20 of the largest global healthcare companies and has one of the lowest management fees in its category. The Fund provides investors with a healthy 7% distribution yield and uses an active covered call strategy, selling calls on up to 1/3 of the portfolio.

Why Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield Fund?

    • Invests in the world’s 20 largest healthcare companies
    • Experienced portfolio management team in covered call strategies (options writing on up to 33% of the portfolio)
    • Enhanced yield of 7%*
    • ETF Tickers: LIFE (hedged); LIFE.B (unhedged); and LIFE.U (USD)

For more information on how to invest in this ETF, please contact your financial advisor or join the webinar.


*Gross of MER. Source Bloomberg, as at May 29, 2020. Estimate only.

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