Investing in eGaming & eSports

During the pandemic, many people, including sports fans, turn to video games as a new mode of entertainment and social platform. As a result, the video game industry is achieving record-breaking sales and unlike traditional sports, competitors do not need to meet face-to-face to compete. This makes the sector uniquely placed to survive and thrive in the global contagion.

Evolve E-Gaming Index ETF (TSX: HERO) is Canada’s first eGaming and eSports ETF that invests in global businesses involved in the growing electronic gaming industry. HERO provides strong diversification benefits for investors, since the portfolio contains over 50 video game companies with minimal overlap to major indices.

Why Evolve E-Gaming Index ETF?

  • Canada’s first and only pure-play eGaming & eSports ETF
  • Diversified, global exposure to the booming video gaming industry
  • Portfolio has minimal overlap with traditional indices (ie. S&P500 and Nasdaq)

For more information on how to invest in this ETF, please contact your financial advisor or join the webinar.

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