Investing in Future Cars

The auto industry is poised to undergo the biggest transformation in a lifetime. 2020 has already been heralded as the “Year of the Electric Vehicle.” With the automobile industry racing toward electrification, there is a growing demand and opportunity to invest in this industry.

Evolve Automobile Innovation Index Fund (TSX: CARS) is Canada’s first automobile innovation ETF. CARS invests in companies directly or indirectly involved in developing electric drivetrains, autonomous driving or network connected services for automobiles.

Why Evolve Automobile Innovation Fund?

  • Canada’s first automobile innovation ETF
  • Diversified approach to investing in the supply chains behind autonomous, connected, electric, and shared vehicles
  • ETF Tickers: CARS (hedged); CARS.B (unhedged); CARS.U (USD)
  • Mutual Fund versions via FundSERV Codes: EVF140 (Class F); EVF 141 (Class A)

For more information on how to invest in this fund, please contact your financial advisor or join the webinar.

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