Many investors believe they recently missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime in Canada. A similar but significantly larger opportunity exists today in the world’s largest economy.


With a focus on U.S. companies, USMJ provides investors with a portfolio that is:

  • FLEXIBLE – Actively managed, diversified mix of equities
  • OPPORTUNISTIC – Ability to reposition the portfolio quickly
  • SELECTIVE – Stock selection based on fundamentals and risk management
  • RESPONSIVE – Ability to capitalize on recent events and regulatory news

While legalization in the United States is still evolving at state and federal levels, short-term catalysts are causing the market to develop rapidly. When legal at a federal level, the U.S. will be positioned to become the largest market globally.

Learn more about USMJ and our track record of performance in this industry.

The world is evolving, your investments should too.



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