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Disruptive innovation is propelling our economic growth and global transformation. Disruptive and innovative trends are fundamentally transforming our world. Over the next decade, an estimated $90 trillion will be added to equity market appreciation, and more than half of that is expected to come from disruptive technologies.

Disruptive Innovation. Give your portfolio an edge.
Evolve Innovation Index Fund

Cybersecurity. Stay protected with cybersecurity.
Evolve Cyber Security Index Fund

Automobile Innovation. Shift your investments into gear.
Evolve Automobile Innovation Index Fund

Cloud Computing. Keep your head in the cloud.
Evolve Cloud Computing Index Fund

eGaming & eSports. Level up your investments.
Evolve E-Gaming Index ETF

Disruptive Innovation Funds

Consider investing in the technologies of the future with Canada’s leader in disruptive innovation

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