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Webinar: Under the Hood of the Bitcoin ETF


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Evolve ETFs and Bitcoin ETF Overview (8 mins)

How EBIT works (9 mins)

CF Benchmarks: Bitcoin Pricing (5 mins)

Gemini: Security and Storage (7 mins)


Why Bitcoin?

As a non-correlated asset class, the rapid rise of bitcoin has sparked conversations about the future growth of digital currencies. Bitcoin is gathering institutional interest and being viewed as an alternative to traditional investments, such as gold, and a potential hedge against inflation.

Why Bitcoin ETF?

  • 0.75 management fee*
  • Daily liquidity
  • Simple to trade
  • No wallet required
  • Held in brokerage accounts
  • RRSP & TSFA Eligible
  • Regulated custodians
  • Transparent and fully regulated price index

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Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Please read the prospectus before investing. There are risks involved with investing in ETFs and mutual funds. Please read the prospectus for a complete description of risks relevant to the ETF and mutual fund. Investors may incur customary brokerage commissions in buying or selling ETF and mutual fund units. Investors should monitor their holdings, as frequently as daily, to ensure that they remain consistent with their investment strategies.

Bitcoin ETF provides investors with two convenient ways to access the U.S. dollar price of bitcoin through an ETF structure:

EBIT Unhedged exposure to the daily price movement of bitcoin in CAD.

EBIT.U Exposure to the daily price movements of bitcoin in USD.

Topics discussed in this webinar:

  1. Overview of EBIT and how it works
  2. How bitcoin fits in a client portfolio
  3. Introduction to the CME CF BRR Index
  4. Correlation and benefits of bitcoin as an asset class


Replay of this webinar is for investment advisors only.