Webinar: Navigating the AI Landscape with Evolve ETFs and Boosted.ai

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2024

Time: 1:00pm ET

Over the early 21st century, the Internet became ubiquitous, smartphones transformed daily life, and cloud computing revolutionized business. This time around, it’s not just about faster chips or broader connectivity – it’s about smarter systems that can learn, adapt, and potentially think. The pace of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development is nothing short of astounding, and this growth presents a unique opportunity for investors.

Evolve ETFs is proud to present the Evolve Artificial Intelligence Fund (ARTI), trading on the TSX. ARTI leverages the expertise of Boosted.ai to utilize its advanced generative AI platform. Discover how ARTI can offer your clients a diversified approach to investing in the global AI landscape.

Agenda Highlights

  • How is AI changing the world?
  • What is generative AI?
  • Why invest in AI?
  • Introduction to the Evolve Artificial Intelligence Fund


  • Raj Lala – President and CEO, Evolve ETFs
  • Joshua Pantony – Co-founder and CEO, Boosted.ai

CE Credits Eligible (Pending Approval)

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