The Compliance Offset Protocol Livestock Projects provides methods to quantify and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions associated with the installation of a biogas control system (BCS) for manure management on dairy cattle and swine farms. The protocol focuses on quantifying the change in methane emissions, but also accounts for effects on carbon dioxide emissions.

This protocol is designed to ensure the complete, consistent, transparent, accurate, and conservative quantification of GHG emission reductions associated with a livestock digester project. The protocol is composed of both quantification methodologies and regulatory program requirements to develop a livestock project for generating ARB offset credits.

Project ID: CAR1169
Offset Project Operator: WOF PNW Threemile Project LLC
Authorized Project Designee: None
Project Name: TMF Biofuels Dairy Digester
Project Description: I. The TMF Biofuels Dairy Digester includes anaerobic digesters that receive dairy cow manure and some organic food waste from local food processing facilities. A total of four digesters comprise the system, two of which are large (18 million gallons total capacity) lined plug flow digesters with geomembrane covers. A third digester is a one million gallon agitated steel tank digester. The fourth digester is a one million gallon lined modified plug flow digester with geomembrane cover. Biogas is collected from each of the digesters via vacuum blower and routed to three Caterpillar G3520C lean-burn engine generators. Excess gas is routed to open flares. II. A. Monthly average dairy cows contributing to the manure collection system is about 20,000. B. The manure collection system is a flush dairy with each barn flushed four times per day. C. The baseline manure collection system included solids separation via screens and clarifiers. Separated solids were placed in windrows and aerobically composted. Liquid manure was routed through settling cells (8) and stored in Lagoons A, B, and C. Liquid manure from Lagoon C was pumped onto farm fields in accordance with a land application plan. D. Baseline lagoons, settling cells, and pits had no covers. E. Approximately 85% of manure from the dairy herd was sent to anaerobic lagoons pre-project.
Project is Being Transferred From Another Registry: No
Crediting Period: Initial
Project Type: Livestock – ARB Compliance
Project Commencement Date: 2/1/2013
Project Reporting Start Date: 2/19/2015
Project Website:
Project Site Location: Boardman, Oregon
State/Province: OREGON
Country: US
Project Status: Registered
Crediting Period Expires: 2/28/2025
Project Listed Date: 03/03/2015
Project Registered Date: 02/21/2017
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