While a longstanding theme in previous Consumer Electronic Shows, at CES 2024, AI applications fully took centre stage, showcasing the broad enthusiasm for the technology amongst consumers and enterprise alike.1

AI chatbots showcased their versatility across automotive, smart TVs, and personal devices, amongst other categories, and platforms dedicated to crafting AI avatars promised a new era of personalized user experiences. The gaming industry demonstrated significant advancements powered by AI that will elevate gaming experiences to unprecedented levels, while health-related technologies demonstrated innovative applications, solidifying AI’s role in shaping the future of these sectors.2

Let’s look at some of the trends that emerged from CES 2024, as well as some of the top tech gadgets that made their debut there.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google Focused on Integration of AI

Industry leaders like Microsoft, Amazon and Google emphasized the integration of AI into their larger solutions, presenting a vision that positions artificial intelligence as an embedded component contributing to comprehensive technological solutions. The move reflects a departure from earlier tactics in which AI was often spotlighted as the primary differentiator.

Eric Hunter, a brand strategy consultant at Performance Branding Consultants, noted that by focusing on the benefits derived from embedded AI, these tech companies are demonstrating the maturation of AI as it transitions from a buzzword to an intrinsic part of holistic technological ecosystems.3

Generative AI Developments

While generative AI lacked a sizeable presence in the main consumer technology hall, there were notable announcements and demonstrations of the technology from both startups and global tech giants.

Startups like Korea’s RebuilderAI demonstrated the versatility of generative AI by employing it in their VRIN 3D product, a high-quality 3D scanning mobile app. VRIN 3D allows business users to quickly produce detailed 3D models from their mobile device that include real-world characteristics of objects and spaces like shine, metallic surfaces, smooth textures, and natural shadows.4

Microsoft Copilot was unveiled along with the addition of specific keys to the keyboards of some PCs, indicating the coming widespread integration of large language models (LLM). Amazon, in partnership with Embodied, showcased the Moxie generative AI learning robot, while BMW utilized LLM in cars.

Google’s booth at CES was a testament to the diverse applications of generative AI, ranging from fun AI apps for smartphones to enterprise-level solutions, solidifying the technology’s integral role in shaping the future of various industries.5

Apple, Sony Mark Prominence of VR, AR, and MR

Spatial computing and reality headsets were having a real moment at CES 2024. The exhibition showcased the prominence of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) headsets, with notable announcements from major players, including Apple, who made waves mid-week (despite not attending CES) with pre-order information for its Vision Pro headset, and Sony, who debuted their new XR headset built with Qualcomm’s XR2+ Gen 2 chip and powered by Android.6,7

This boom in VR, AR, and MR led tech and gaming expert Cathy Hackl to dub 2024 the “year of vision” for AI applications. This perspective echoed the broader theme at CES, where AI was not merely a standalone technology but an integral element propelling the evolution of spatial computing and immersive experiences.8

Our Top 3 Tech Innovations from CES

Here’s a look at some of the innovative tech we saw at CES 2024 that impressed us.

AI-powered personal assistants

The Rabbit R1 was something of a standout hit at CES 2024. Positioned as a potential trendsetter in 2024, Rabbit R1 aims to redefine personal computing with its unique interface. The device functions like a smartphone but boasts an intuitive, unified AI-driven voice-controlled interface, minimizing the need for individual app interactions.

A photo of the red Rabbit R1 on a gray background.
Source: Rabbit https://bit.ly/3S4F236

Priced at $199, the Rabbit R1 features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a 360-degree camera named Rabbit Eye, and a push-to-talk button for AI interaction. Powered by a 2.3GHz MediaTek Helio processor, it promises all-day battery life and operates on Rabbit OS, integrating with popular services like Spotify and Uber. Despite its ambitious goals, the R1 is designed to complement rather than replace smartphones, leaving specific tasks to traditional devices.9

Rabbit sold out its first pre-order of 10,000 R1 units within 24 hours of its CES debut. Then, they sold out of a second batch of 10,000. Rabbit is currently taking pre-orders for the fourth batch of R1s, set to deliver in June or July 2024.10

AI Quadcopters

Nearthlab debuted its AIDrone at CES 2024. The drone integrates AI with a cutting-edge foldable airframe for applications in a wide range of use cases, including infrastructure inspection, renewables, and public safety. Weighing just 4 lbs, the AIDrone boasts a 64MP EO/IR camera that can detect millimetre-sized cracks and subtle temperature changes in the most challenging environments. Using AI, AIDrone can autonomously execute tasks in zero-light and GPS-denied environments, both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for crisis management situations such as natural disasters and law enforcement applications.11

See-Through TVs

After years of prototypes, LG finally launched a see-through TV for consumers. The 77-inch display LG OLED Signature T was shown extensively at CES 2024 and can be used in both its see-through format (where you will see the wall behind the transparent panel of the TV) or with a contrast film that, at the push of a button on the remote, can be raised to transform the TV into a more conventional OLED. It operates on a custom webOS interface tailored for the transparent display and offers a less cluttered design than LG’s standard TVs. No word on price yet, but LG says it the OLED Signature T will be on sale in 2024.12

Source: Samsung/Xiaomi https://bit.ly/4be1UpJ

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