TORONTO, January 6, 2023 – Evolve Funds Group Inc. (“Evolve” or the “Manager”) announces that it will terminate the Evolve Enhanced FANGMA Index ETF (the “Evolve Fund”) on or about April 14, 2023 (the “Termination Date”). The Manager will request the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) to de-list the units of the Evolve Fund from TSX on or about April 12, 2023, with all units still held by investors being subject to a mandatory redemption as of the Termination Date. Effective March 17, 2023, no further subscriptions for units of the Evolve Fund will be accepted.

Prior to the Termination Date, the Manager will, to the extent reasonably possible, convert the assets of the Evolve Fund to cash and after paying or making adequate provision for all of the Fund’s liabilities, as soon as practicable following the Termination Date distribute the net assets of the Fund pro-rata among the unitholders of record of the Fund on the Termination Date.

The Manager will issue an additional press release on or about the Termination Date confirming final details of the termination. Further details of termination have also been mailed to unitholders of the Evolve Fund.

The following changes to the risk rating of the Evolve Fund are effective today, as indicated in the table below.

Evolve Fund Ticker/Symbol Previous Risk Rating New Risk Rating
Evolve Enhanced FANGMA Index ETF TECE Medium to High High

The investment risk level of an ETF and mutual fund (the “Fund”) is determined in accordance with a standardized risk classification methodology, set out in National Instrument 81-102 Investment Funds, that is based on the historical volatility of the Fund, as measured by the 10-year standard deviation of the returns of the Fund. If a Fund has less than 10 years of performance history, the investment risk level of the Fund is calculated using the return history of the Fund, and, for the remainder of the 10-year period, the return history of a reference index that is expected to reasonably approximate the standard deviation of the Fund.

No changes have been made to the investment objectives or strategies of the Evolve Fund as a result of the changes to the risk rating. A summary of the risk rating classification methodology, and the investment objectives and strategies of the Evolve Fund, can be found in the most recently filed prospectus for the Evolve Fund, listed above.

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