In this episode of The Innovators Behind Disruption, we discuss data flow in the security sector and how Drew pulled inspiration from his time a SpaceX and working with Elon Musk to create TradeX. Drew explains how he defines innovation, by taking technology used in one way and apply it to solve other problems.

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  • 0:15 Opening remarks
  • 1:05 Introduction to Drew
  • 3:10 Tradex technology
  • 4:55 Why immutability is important
  • 6:30 NFT’s and Louis Vuitton
  • 9:30 The draw of space and Elon Musk
  • 13:10 Is technology moving too fast?
  • 14:40 Growth in DeFi
  • 17:10 Predictions on innovation
  • 18:30 The difference between failure and rejection
  • 19:20 Closing remarks


Drew Orsinger, CEO and Co-Founder – Tradex


Drew is a career security professional who has served as Chief Security Officer at several companies including SpaceX, CME Group, and Honeywell. Drew is excited to use his experience to fuse encryption technology with an immutable ledger to innovate a data distribution and compliance solution to propel the financial services industry forward. He also served in the U.S. government in a variety of capacities, including leading a resilience and security practice at a National Laboratory providing analysis on infrastructure protection and data loss prevention.


Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs

Prior to founding Evolve ETFs, Mr. Lala served as Head of WisdomTree Canada – a division of WisdomTree Investments Inc., one of the world’s largest ETF issuers. Prior to this, Mr. Lala was Executive Vice President and Head of Retail Markets for Fiera Capital Corporation, a prominent Canadian investment management firm with over $100 billion in assets under management. Mr. Lala co-founded and served as President and CEO of Propel Capital Corporation (which was acquired by Fiera Capital Corporation in September 2014). Propel raised approximately $1 Billion in structured products in its five years of operation. Prior to Propel, Mr. Lala worked with Jovian Capital. Mr. Lala held several roles at Jovian including President of JovFunds Inc., an asset management division of Jovian Capital. Mr. Lala holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Toronto.


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