July 2020 Issue

There are many individuals throughout the financial industry with the power to significantly affect advisors’ work, from the top decision-makers at Canada’s largest financial institutions to the heads of fund providers, regulatory bodies and major advisory firms.

This year’s Hot List shines a light on 50 of these professionals, all of whom have made an indelible mark on the wealth management landscape over the past 12 months. Whether they’ve pioneered a new investment innovation or tirelessly advocated for advisors, their collective contributions are a large part of what makes Canada’s wealth management industry so strong. 


Hot List 2020, Raj Lala

As president and CEO of Evolve ETFs, Raj Lala saw his firm’s disruptor-oriented strategy triumph in March. Of more than 500 equity ETFs on the TSX, only five stayed positive as COVID-19 barreled into the Canadian economy; three of those five funds came from Evolve. In the unique circumstances of a pandemic-driven market crash, Evolve’s healthcare, cybersecurity, and video game thematic ETFs were ideally placed to grow. In fact, the Evolve Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield Fund was the highest-performing equity ETF on the TSX in March.

“When we were starting to put these products together, we didn’t contemplate this environment,” Lala told WP. “I don’t think anybody would’ve contemplated this environment. However, when we do put products together, we talk about how this sector will perform in a challenged market and, more importantly, in a challenged economy.”

Source: Wealth Professional Canada

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