Episode length: 29 min 52 sec

Learn about:

  • How artificial intelligence (AI) works within the financial services industry
  • Black box AI & glass box AI, and regulations around AI
  • The impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the US & Canada
  • How data and digitalization is changing the banking landscape
  • The decreasing importance of cash
  • Predictions on new entrants into the financial industry

Keynote Speaker: Salim Naran

Salim Naran

Sal is the co-founder of Savvyy, a Toronto-based technology company, and co-founder of Borrowell, an innovative marketplace lending platform. He previously held the position of SVP of Information Technology at Paradigm Quest, a business process outsourcing company in the Canadian mortgage industry. He also served as Director of IT and Chief Privacy Officer at Securitas North America, and was responsible for the Canadian information technology department of Canada’s third largest security services provider.

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Tags AI  Cyber Security ETF  CYBR  financial services industry