Episode length: 9 min 35 sec

Sean introduces F-Secure, a Finnish cyber security company with over 1000 employees in 25 offices across the globe. He discusses:

  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) exposes consumers to potential cybercrime
  • Which industries are most susceptible to cyber attacks
  • The percentage of companies that think they have addressed all of their cyber security concerns
  • Predictions for the next five years

Keynote Speaker: Sean Sullivan 

Sean Sullivan is a Security Advisor and researcher at F-Secure.

Sean joined F-Secure (Labs) in 2006. Based in Helsinki, he works with a dynamic group of cyber security experts from over a dozen countries. He works primarily with the analyst teams who handle the classification of incoming malware samples and develop antimalware automation, and secondarily with the research teams who develop new antimalware technologies. Sean is an active member of “InfoSec Twitter” and also participates in academic events.

Mr. Sullivan has briefed government officials and technical experts from around the world on computer security issues and antimalware technologies and is frequently interviewed by media worldwide.

Prior to F-Secure, Sean worked in the desktop/application support field for over ten years and has a great deal of experience working with malware victims “in-the-field”.

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