As technology continues to evolve and grow, it’s no surprise that an influx of new products and solutions are hitting markets in many verticals.

Companies must embrace digital transformation or face becoming obsolete. No industry is safe from tech disruption.

Read on to learn about 5 disruptive products that are seeing fast growth and widespread use in 2018!

  1. Future Cars

The evolution of motor vehicles varies thanks to changes in technology. For example, the mass production of the first hybrid car, the Toyota Prius, marked the beginning of the hybrid revolution in 1997. With it, car manufacturers began to seek sustainable options for travel.

Since then, we’ve seen that evolution continue. Look no further than self-driving electric cars like the Tesla Model X. The car industry has seen a huge shift. In decades prior, consumers focused on sports cars and speed. Consumers in 2018 are captivated by technology, innovation, and sustainability.

  1. Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Blockchain technology powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Interest in blockchain technology has remained strong as more commercial businesses are beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Blockchain has an obvious financial component. The technology also has an inherent cybersecurity connection, taking a unique approach to storing and transferring data. This helps to ward off cyber attacks. For this reason, large corporations such as Lockheed Martin have taken on blockchain as a cybersecurity tool.

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  1. Social Media

Big players in social media like Facebook have had a profound effect on marketing. The data collected on such platforms allows for increased personalization of communications and campaigns.

This trend is merging with another recent tech trend: home-based virtual assistants. Consumers are becoming more familiar with these conversational assistants as they become much more wide-spread. Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are advancing a tech revolution in advertising and sales from the data they collect daily from users.

  1. Robotics and Medicine

Robotics is next on our list of disruptive trends. Robotics and automation are breaking into many industries, including the medical field.

While doctors work hard to diagnose and treat patients, robotics might give them a helping hand. Take for example the Xenex, a disinfecting robot that uses automation. It destroys microorganisms that lead to hospital-acquired infections, such as C-diff or MRSA.

  1. Genomics

Speaking of medicine, genomics is another sector of the medical field that is being disrupted by technology. Bluebird Bio is leading the revolution in gene therapy by addressing disease at the genetic level, editing the gene to promote cancer immunotherapy and correcting genetic mutations that may cause disease.

The company uses integrated product platforms to potentially treat, and hopefully cure, a broad range of serious diseases.


What’s the Next Big Trend in Disruptive Products?

These five products and industries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new disruptive technology that is entering the market! Staying on top of technology trends can help businesses grow and help investors know when certain disruptive products are going to take off.

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