Episode length: 28 min 25 sec

Nikolas will give you essential insights into the way the future world will work. In this episode, he speaks about:

  • The “Third Industrial Revolution”: communications, energy, and transportation
  • Genomics (including CRISPR)
  • Adoption and timelines for electric and autonomous vehicles
  • Smart cities (including Google Sidewalk Labs projects)
  • Big data

Keynote Speaker: Nikolas Badminton 

Nikolas is a world-respected futurist speaker, author, and researcher.

He wows audiences with keynote speeches on the impact of exponential technologies including: Renewable Energy, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Gene Editing and Personalized Healthcare; Work Productivity; Autonomous Transportation; Smart Cities; and The Future of AI integrated with Life and Business.

Nikolas regularly appears on the BBC, CBC, CTV, Global News, VICE, and writes for the Techcrunch, Huffington Post, Forbes, VentureBeat, Betakit, TechVibes, Business.com, and other media.

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