The world is evolving. Your investments should too.

With over $7.9 billion in assets under management, Evolve is one of Canada’s fastest-growing ETF providers since launching its first ETF in September 2017. Evolve specializes in bringing innovative ETFs to Canadian investors.  Evolve’s suite of ETFs provides investors with access to: (i) index-based income strategies; (ii) long term investment themes; and (iii) some of the world’s leading investment managers.

We named our company Evolve because we believe the Canadian investment landscape is changing. From the way financial advisors are selecting investment products in managing client portfolios, to the way investors are accessing information and making investment decisions. The ETF adoption rate has increased rapidly over the last decade, making these products a staple in many Canadians’ investment portfolios.

Our team at Evolve is made up of industry veterans with deep experience and proven track records in asset management. Our goal is to bring differentiated investment solutions to Canadians, including partnerships with leading global investment managers, as well as, facilitating investments encompassing topics that intersect in Canadians’ daily lives. Evolve creates investment products that make a difference.

If the industry is evolving—your investments should too.

Our Evolution